Cold Store

Our cold store is directly situated at the quayside of our Fischereihafen. Our services include storage of goods, loading and unloading, commissioning, weighing and maintenance.

With connections to the Deutsche Bahn railway system, our customers can use all of the opportunities of intermodal transport (rail, ship, and road). With our IFS Logistics Version 2.2 certification and our experienced crew, you can be sure that your goods are in safe hands at each point in time.

With modern forklift trucks and short distances, a continuous cold chain according to HACCP standards can be taken for granted. Protection and hygiene for goods are our top priority. The approval as a bonded warehouse and a veterinary border inspection post allow for import and export of frozen foods and chilled goods from and to non-EU-countries (e.g. Russia, Canada).

Our policy is geared to product safety, customer orientation, environment protection, sustainability and personnel responsibility.

At a glance

  • EU-approved cold store
  • Approval as a bonded warehouse
  • Transport and handling from and to ship, truck and train
  • Receipt and recording of all goods in and goods out
  • Registration and weighing of goods
  • Packing and repacking, commissioning, storage, transport
  • Logistics/handling
  • IFS Logistics Version 2.2